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Solar Batteries & Solar Regulators : Capturing the light in the Bowen and Whitsunday Regions

We are a small family business, based in Bowen, North Queensland. Mal Brooker specialises in design, construction, and maintenance of standalone solar systems, off grid solar systems, bread solar systems, high quality solar batteries and solar panels.

He has strong focus on customer service and aims to build you the best system to suit your solar needs.

Cut your electricity bill!

Electricity prices are expected to rise by 40% over the next 10 years. This makes saving energy very important. Protect yourself against rising electricity costs with new improved solar technologies that provide a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly alternative. Solar systems offer great returns on your investment, paying for themselves in only 3 years with little maintenance required.

“Get best solar batteries & solar regulators for your home at Affordable Solar”

It is important to think ahead when buying solar – install a battery-ready solar panel system of suitable size if your ultimate goal is to add energy storage. Not all solar power systems will be easily upgradeable.

A battery compatible solar power system is more than just about components – it is also about positioning and wiring. Few solar installers have this knowledge currently ; but the Affordable Solar team does.

We offer an extensive range of solar batteries, inverter chargers and solar panels to suit your energy needs. Whether it be a grazing property, beach hut, hobby farm or a residential property Mal is available to answer your questions any time, anywhere.

We have been installing residential battery systems across Australia for more than a decade. We can supply and install the best next-generation solar batteries at great prices.


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