AboutSolar Batteries & Solar Regulators : Capturing the light in the Bowen and Whitsunday Regions

We are a small family business, based in Bowen, North Queensland. Mal Brooker specialises in design, construction, and maintenance of standalone solar systems, off grid solar systems, bread solar systems, high quality solar batteries and solar panels.

He has strong focus on customer service and aims to build you the best system to suit your solar needs.

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Reasons To Choose Affordable Solar for installation of off-grid and standalone solar system and solar panels?

Team Experience

We as a team are highly experienced in designing and installing the correct solar power to suit your personal…


Our efficient and friendly team can install any Off Grid solar Systemfor you in a reasonable time.


We only charge fair price for our products which are highly reasonable at par with the quality.


Experience uniform flow of electricity from your off-grid system when the rest of the people in society…


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